New year, new gigs, same bbz :D 

Happy new year gang, we've got a couple of new gigs to announce and before you ask yes they're both free you filthy animals.

We're playing the Acklam Village Market on February 4th and Strongroom on February 18th, we could write all the details here but we really can't be bothered to go find them and type it all out so just click on the shows tab or check out our Facebook to see all the info on our Bands In Town page, stay sexy you tarts xx

NEW SONG!!1!!11!! 

We may have taken our sweet time (people to see, beers to drink, wallets to lose etc.) but our new tune 'Round Around' is finally out, yes!  Check it out now by hitting play on the embedded player or by clicking one of the convenient links we've left below:

iTunes // Apple Music // Spotify // Google Play // Amazon // SoundCloud // Bandcamp

Hey babes 

Hey babes, it's babez here, just wanted to thank all those who came along to our show at Strongroom on the weekend and let you know that we're going to be releasing a new tune very soon, you might want to carry around a spare pair of trousers for when it drops.

Another free gig just for you babes 

We've got another freebie coming up, we'll be playing the Gold Lion club night at Lift 574 in Dalston on the 5th August at 9pm, address and event details below, picture of giraffe wearing top hat not below:

574 Kingsland Road, Dalston, E8 4AH, London, United Kingdom

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