We're Online!

So here we are; after much work the official site of the babez has finally gone online.  Like Odysseus gazing upon his beloved Ithaca after his tortuous journey home from the Trojan war, we too now look upon our home in the digital realm after weeks of occasional toil.  And it's alright.  It's not great, but it's not terrible, and we can't be arsed to work on it any more because it's been well boring.  

There is some good stuff though, you can listen to our first single Madame Beaujolais on any page (we could have made it autoplay but we're not complete bellends), there's a store where you can buy some tat with our logo on it and there's also links to all our social media which, let's face it, is all people are really interested in. 

That's actually it really, so not much good stuff, but we did learn a lot in the process, like how if you misspell our name as 'Yes Babes' on Google you get a porn site.  Don't bother searching it, it's terrible, it's like how they used to be when people were still using dial up internet, no videos, just hundreds of rubbish pictures of women who look like they may not even be getting paid but have volunteered to be on there.  OK that's probably a bit unfair there are a few babes on there but there's way better material available.  Send us an email on the contact page if you want some recommendations.


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