Free Gig Alert 

Morning, we're playing a free show this Saturday the 9th July at the Pack and Carriage, click HERE for the complete low-down, or just carry on pretending to work/searching for pornography

Listen up 

Thanks to all those who came to our shows at The Water Rats and Seven Dials over the weekend, special shout out to the cleaning lady at the latter who waited until each of our four sets were underway to empty the bins next to us.  Lovely.  

Our next show will be at the Pack & Carriage on Eversholt Street on July 9th, it's free and it's a Saturday, oh my...

Hey babes 

Hey babes, it's gig night tonight! We'll be on stage at the Water Rats from 9.30 playing all the hits, print off THIS flyer for cheaper entry or if finding out more information about the gig is more your bag check out our event page by clicking HERE

Just clogged the toilet at work, don't tell anyone 

More love for Madame Beaujolais has hit the net, this time from the Hype Machine listed BILLCS Music Blog which says 'YES BABEZ! dazzle with minimal instrumentation and emphasis on sublimely fine vocals', rest assured that quote is being sent to everyone we know in the music industry as we speak.  Yet again though it has been pointed out that our keyboard sounds are naff, fair enough, they're terrible, FML.  Click HERE to read the full feature.

Do we really have to write a title every time we post? Eurgh... 

South London babes will have noticed our second single 'Hello' has been playlisted on the lovely Croydon Radio with the first spin taking place yesterday on The Mid-Afternoon Show with Johnny Land.  Even more eager-eared fans will have seen we've been featured again on The Sunday Alternative Podcast, click HERE to check it out if you were too busy playing Candy Crush at the time to tune in. 

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